A membership organisation representing and supporting managers working in student services in over 290 Colleges & other post 16 education, training, community and adult education institutions.

Q. What is NAMSS?

NAMSS (National Association for Managers of Student Services), established in 1987 as a registered charity with the Charity Commission, operates as a non profit organisation to provide support and professional development for Managers of Services who support learners in education and training.

NAMSS currently support over 560 Student Service Managers across it’s 290+ member colleges across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Q. Who do NAMSS support?

We support the ‘Student Service Manager’ from across a wide range of institutions; GFE (General Further Education), HE (Higher Education), Specialist FE (Specialist Further Education), Sixth form schools and Training providers.

Q. What is the role of NAMSS?

We are proud to be recognised as a key stakeholder for consultation by Government departments.􏰀 We represent Student Services and we lobby government and other professional bodies to make sure our views are heard where it counts. Your membership inclusion will help to shape the development of future student services policies in the UK.

Q. What is the role of NAMSS Executives?

The direction of NAMSS is set by an elected Executive Team whose responsibility it is to further the profile, service and influence of NAMSS on behalf of its members.􏰀

“NAMSS will provide support and professional development for managers of services who support learners in education and training.”

— Our Mission

“To be recognised and respected as an influential leading provider of support and professional development for managers of student services.”

— Our Vision

The Aims & Objectives of NAMSS

Strategic Alliances and Partnerships:
To work in alignment with our members needs

  • To maximise our contribution for the benefit of members to the government agenda
  • To consistently contribute to forums and working groups who have significant national impact
  • To maintain and enhance our excellent reputation

Striving for Excellence

  • Consistently achieve high levels of member’s satisfaction
  • Support the delivery of effective regional networks
  • Ensure effective planning, target setting and monitoring of strategic aims
  • Celebrate success

Efficiency and Effectiveness:
Fit for Purpose

  • To maintain robust financial processes working within Charity Commission guidelines
  • To ensure processes are open and transparent
  • To deliver excellent value for money for members

Maximising potential through enterprise and creativity

  • Utilise technology effectively including web-based, social network and JISC platforms in providing members services
  • Develop additional sources of income
  • Adopt an enterprising approach to new opportunities