Master Classes

Everyone attending the Conference will attend one Master Class on the Monday. 

These events will run for 3 hours with a break for lunch, giving our expert presenters the chance to share their knowledge and experience and our delegates the time to develop a deeper understanding of their chosen topic.

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Understanding exploitation - through the eyes of a child

Presented by Kendra Houseman

Kendra Houseman, Co-Founder of Out of the Shadows, is a trainer and consultancy advisor for all aspects of safeguarding, specialising in exploitation, CCE, CSE and County lines.

During this Master Class we will look at Child criminal and Child sexual exploitation, the structure of gangs and county lines, and the theories that underpin this to gain a unique insight into the world of exploitation - through the eyes of a child. We will use real-life case studies to examine what happens in a child's life that makes them most vulnerable to exploitation by gangs.

 Please note:  This session comes with a Trigger Warning.

Attention Seeking or something more? What is self-harm really about?

Presented by Satveer Nijjar

Satveer Nijjar has had a passion for reducing stigma around mental health since she herself became affected. Her experiences as a patient and more recently as a parent of a child with mental illness have helped shape her career.

During this Master Class we will improve the understanding of self-harm by first looking at the definition, triggers, functions and relationship between self-harm and suicide.  We will then look at a best practice response to disclosures including what to say, not to say, alternative strategies and what support looks like.

Trauma responsive provisions

Presented by Mike Armiger

Mike Armiger is the author of the ‘Regulation Framework’ & Creator of the Athlete Mental Health Project.  He is a specialist trauma and mental health advisor who helps organisations at a strategic level to implement changes to improve mental health outcomes for the people in their care.

During this Master Class we will develop an understanding  of what it means, and what’s involved, to move from trauma aware to responsive provisions.  We will consider the practical implications for such a shift and look at both templates and tools to help delegates understand what their journey and provision could look like.

Body Language - Sexual Harassment and Consent

Presented by Steve Wright, Routes Puppet

Steve has been presenting in NAMSS member colleges highlighting language, conduct and respect for many years.  During this Master Class he will encourage delegates to look closely at a range of issues facing all who work within FE including healthy relationships, strategies for staying safe and tackling misogyny.

All underpinned with Steve's unique presentation of student voice and critical thinking.