NAMSS Memberships

Applying to join NAMSS

Thank you for your interest in NAMSS. You must be working in a student services/student support role within one of the following settings in order to be eligible to apply for membership:

  • Further Education College
  • Specialist Further Education College
  • Sixth Form College
  • Independent Training Provider
  • Higher Education
  • Adult Education
  • Other**

**If you do not fall under any of the above categories but work in a student services or student support role within an organisation that provides education or training to learners, you may still be eligible. Please email Jackie Cannell at

NAMSS Membership Costs

NAMSS has a simple and flexible approach to membership:

Membership costs £150 for the ‘Lead Contact’* (normally the Head of Student Services within a college, or similar role) and £100 thereafter for as many additional members as required by your college. All named members will be given individual access to our website and jiscmail resources.

*Your ‘Lead Contact’ will normally have budget holder responsibility and would therefore authorise NAMSS membership on behalf of your organisation.

Subscriptions run from September 1st to August 31st annually. You can apply for membership at any time during the year and a pro-rated rate will be applied. Contact Jackie Cannell at for details.

Those wishing to join NAMSS are asked to read and follow the NAMSS Code of Conduct.

Membership Sign Up

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We recommend a password with a minimum length of 6 characters and include at least 1 non-alphanumeric character.

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Lead Contact

NAMSS requires members to identify a lead contact for their service at their organisation, this is likely to be a Head of Student Services or similar role. The lead contact will be our main point of contact for statistical data, membership information and finance purposes.

Please take a minute to read the statements below.


Your personal data will be held for the purposes of membership, notification of events and administration and will not be passed to external parties without your consent.

NAMSS Jiscmail

You will automatically be added to the NAMSS Jiscmail once your membership has been approved.

After you submit this form your application will be reviewed and you will receive notification of your membership status by email.

Membership information should be kept up-to-date and can be amended at any time via ‘Edit Account Details’ on the ‘Members Home’ page.

Your information

NAMSS collects information about you when you become a member e.g. your institution, your role and business contact details. We will use this information to:

  • maintain membership records
  • provide membership services as detailed on the website under ‘membership benefits & costs’
  • for invoicing purposes
  • statistical analysis

NAMSS will not share your information for marketing purposes with organisations outside NAMSS except where required to by law. For more information explaining how we use your information please see our privacy policy.