Masterclasses 23

Everyone attending the Conference will attend a Masterclass on Monday and Tuesday

These 2 hour sessions give our expert presenters the chance to share their knowledge and experience and our delegates the time to develop a deeper understanding of their chosen topic.

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Working with the Black Leadership Group to establish an Anti-Racist Organisational Culture

Presented by Robin Landman OBE, Director, Black Leadership Group

Since the launch of the 10 Point Plan Diagnostic Toolkit as part of of its Affiliation proposition, the BLG has been working with a rapidly growing Community of Practice. Over 60 organisations in all four nations of the UK have affiliated, and this figure is increasing. This workshop will give NAMSS members some insight into the the way our process works, it's unique features and how it could work for your organisation.

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Supporting Resilience – The 5 pillars of Self-Leadership

Presented by Jody Seaton, Creator and Founder, Power 5

During this masterclass, we will look at supporting young people to build resilience by developing their self-belief, habits, motivation, perseverance and ability to handle setbacks. We will look at the main issues affecting young people in each of these areas and how we can start to build their confidence in each of these ‘pillars’ throughout their learner journey.

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Careers, Enterprise, Information, Advice & Guidance – a cross college approach

Presented by Kelly Dillon, National Sector Development (Further Education and Inclusion), Careers and Enterprise Company and Alison Sadler, an FE Consultant with 22 years’ experience in enterprise and the FE sector.  

Through this masterclass, they will support delegates to explore a strategic cross college approach to careers and enterprise in college from top down.  There will be the opportunity to explore strategies, case studies and best practices to help delegates understand what provision could look like. 

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Your leadership journey - values, beliefs and influencers 

Presented by Andy Green, CEO, Chichester Colleges Group

The masterclass will look at leadership and how this relates to the individual. There are many great leaders in history but what made them great? What is your leadership journey? This masterclass will lead through a reflection of your own leadership journey, what have been your key influences and what are your values. How do you answer that killer question in any interview "What is your leadership style". The workshop will reference theory but is very much a practical exploration of you as a leader and once having understood your journey, plan your destination. 

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Developing Productive Behaviours by Creating Safe Spaces

Presented by Jody Seaton, Creator and Founder, Power 5

During this masterclass, we will discuss ‘threats’ facing young people that result in protective behaviours. We will identify what can be done to limit the impact of these ‘threats’ and engage students in productive behaviours. We will also look at the possible implications of taking a ‘safe space’ approach to teaching, learning and assessment.

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Regulating the Adults - an introduction to Polyvagal Theory and how it can help us support the students

Presented by Annie Chappell

Within this masterclass we will concentrate on Polyvagal Theory, the groundbreaking work from Dr Stephen Porges and how it can deepen your support of students. Focussing on Polyvagal Theory and its implications for students but more importantly for us, the masterclass will aim to support a richer awareness in why relationship is so important and how we can facilitate this.

By the end of this session you will be able to:
- recognize when in a state of Social Engagement or Social Defence (sensations, feelings & thoughts)
- know what can trigger you and why this is important
- understand that by changing your internal state and explicitly thinking about Safety Cues, we can support young people to regulate, attach and engage
- know ways to support ourselves & students to get back into Social Engagement

The masterclass will be a mixture of theory and activities that aid in making the application of the knowledge more attainable.


Annie is a qualified Integrative Adolescent Therapeutic Counsellor, having trained at The Institute for Arts in Therapy & Education. In addition, she is a Breathwork Coach & EFT Practitioner.  Annie has twenty plus years' experience working within education, predominantly with adolescents at risk of exclusion.  She has worked across secondary mainstream schools, AP’s, PRU’s & SEND running therapeutic provisions / counselling services. She now works freelance as a trainer, consultant, and therapist.

Using the SEND review to build partnerships and an inclusive FE system

Presented by Clare Howard, Chief Executive, Natspec

The government's SEND Green Paper provides a vision of "the right support, in the right place, at the right time"  - but there were very few references to young people aged 16 to 25 and the support they might need. For colleges, resource constraints and staffing issues have become acute, so how can we create an inclusive FE system that supports young people to gain the knowledge, skills and behaviours that will enable them to lead successful adult lives? We explore the meaning of an inclusive FE system, the value of partnerships between colleges, and the changes needed to help learners with SEND achieve their potential. 

Clare became chief executive of Natspec in January 2016 following 25 years’ experience in the public, private and voluntary sectors. Clare worked at the Association of Colleges for six years and her career has included posts in local authorities, funding agencies, schools and colleges. As a consultant in the 2000s, Clare worked on more than 200 projects and took interim posts across the education, sport and health sectors, developing a passion for further education and a particular interest in services and education for people with learning difficulties and disabilities. She has worked with special schools, specialist colleges and national disability organisations and her expertise includes organisational development, funding bids, training, change management and governance projects.

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Exploring the challenges of Student Funds

Presented by Kathryn Mitton, Student Funds Finance Manager and Alison Purver, Head of Student Engagement, Leeds City College (part of Luminate Education Group)

This session will be an opportunity for delegates to share how they distribute financial support to students, both 16-19 and 19+,  and the challenges this presents.

Discussions will cover such issues as:

- How Student Funds is promoted to both students and parents

- The use of application forms

- Setting eligibility including income thresholds

What support is available and how is it distributed fairly

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